Piltdown’s new captains perform ceremonial drive-in in front of enthusiastic crowd

Piltdown drive in
Piltdown drive in

The two newly-elected captains at Piltdown Golf Club, Martin Tugwell for the men and Mary Whitty for the ladies, performed the ceremonial drive-in

on Sunday March 24.

A rather nerve-racking ritual, this requires a shot from the first tee in front of a crowd of enthusiastic but not always polite members.

Happily both made satisfactory contact and were warmly applauded.

At the previous evening’s AGM, Charles Thacker was reappointed as Chairman, and Robin Walters elected as President. The new Vice-Captain is Simon Dougall.

Piltdown celebrated Easter with its usual four-day series of competitions for the trophies presented by Charles Lewis for the men and Moira Taylor for the ladies.

The four competitions – all played in a cold wind but on a well-presented and dry course – were:

Good Friday, greensomes pick-up: 1st Simon Wooderson and Adrian Simons (41 pts); 2nd David Munro and Joe White (37); 3rd= Alistair Parker and Judith Eggers, Chris Hall and Nigel Williams, Tsol Keoshgerian and John Turzynski (all on 36 pts).

Easter Saturday, four-ball better-ball: 1st Chris Manwaring and Guy Humphry-Baker (45); 2nd Martin Tugwell and Grant Horscroft (39); 3rd Peter Sebry and John Reed (36).

Easter Sunday, Singles: 1st Tony Fielding (38); 2nd Chris Manwaring (36); 3rd Ben Halsey (33).

Bank Holiday Monday, foursomes pick-up: 1st Gordon Hawes and John Turzynski (33); 2nd Stephanie McKenzie-Hill and Dick Glynne-Jones (31), on countback from

3rd Peter Sebry and John Reed (also 31).

The winners of the principal prizes were decided on each player’s best two scores over the four days.

The Lewis Trophy for the men was won by Chris Manwaring, with 81 points, an unusually high and probably unbeatable score (his description). The Taylor Trophy for the ladies was won by Judith Eggers, with 67 points.