Two more riders added to Eagles team sheet... as predicted by the Express – Speedway World by Richard Hudson

Lukas Dryml Eastbourne Eagles speedway team. March 17th 2012 E12055N
Lukas Dryml Eastbourne Eagles speedway team. March 17th 2012 E12055N
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Two more riders are on the team sheet for the Eastbourne Eagles – Lukas Dryml and Denis Gizatullin.

It was no surprise and just as I predicted in my last column in the Sussex Express.

Dryml and Gizatullin are set to start in the reserve berths and that should be a potent pairing. Dryml is all action and can be the fastest man around Arlington. I’ve seen him put team-mates under pressure so Gizatullin will want to “wave him through” and then tuck in behind for hopefully plenty of 5-1 heat wins in the second race.

Gizatullin learned a lot in 2012 but wasn’t the tall scorer some thought he would be. However, he was often teamed with Lewis Bridger and, to be fair to both parties, that was not a marriage made in heaven. It is always difficult for a team manager to get the pairings right.

Cameron Woodward and Simon Gustafsson seem to ride well together, although at times last year they had an annoying habit of conceding a 5-1 in their first race only to get their own 5-1 next time out. We shall not know until nearer the start of the season whether team manager Trevor Geer will break this pairing up for 2013 – that is, of course, assuming Gustafsson is back. I expect he will be, just as I confidently predict Timo Lahti will return.

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