Wanderers trio on their big London-Edinburgh journey

London Edinburgh
London Edinburgh

With dawn breaking on a cloudy Sunday, three Lewes Wanderers began their attempt to cycle from London to Edinburgh and back again inside a five-day time frame.

The three riders attempting this challenge were Chris Martin, Paul Gibbons and Michael Turner, who joined nearly 1,000 participants from 33 different countries in this classic Audax promotion.

The route is broken down into stages to enable riders the opportunity to grab a few hours sleep and refuel, though with such a tight timetable riders cannot afford to linger as they have to average 280km per day if they are to arrive back in London in time.

The three Lewes riders had a fantastic start, reaching Thirsk, some 400km from London after 24 hours, a good three hours ahead of schedule.

It remained to be seen if the three can maintain this fierce tempo, as fatigue will increasingly kick in on the tough return leg.

Young Callum Middleton was the sole Lewes representative at the Southern Counties CC 100. Due to roadworks the course had to be revised, and the thought of repeated loops around the hilly Partridge Green circuit dissuaded many from entering, a fact reflected by a very small starting field of 32 riders. Callum had a good ride and his time of 4.57.02 was praiseworthy indeed.

Steve Kane of Brighton Excelsior won the event dipping under the magic four hour mark by 25 seconds.

Meanwhile Nick Dwyer has set about rewriting the Lewes record books by smashing his club record and posting a time of 1.45.51 for the Shaftesbury CC 50,held on a fast course near Newmarket.

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Pictured: the Lewes riders attempting the London to Edinburgh round trip.