Weald’s fortunes take a turn for the better


Weald’s fortunes turned for the better as the third team had an emphatic 5-0 win over Copthorne 5 without dropping a game.

Dave Jump dropped few points as his drop shots steadily wore his opponent down, but Stephen Chinn had to knuckle down to save the second as it reached the tie-break, before taking control again to finish with an uncompromising game.

Conrad Thompson, Ben Nelson and Matthew Johnson all steadily worked their way through to their victories ensuring an early night for the teams.

At last the second team broke their losing streak to bank a 3-2 win over Brighton Rackets 1.

Noel Poncelet re-found his form at last, cutting out the mistakes that had been affecting his game to keep the ball in court and winning points in his old style of long boring rallies to win 3-1.

Leading by two games, Dave Jump was put under pressure as his opponent pushed up the pace in the third, but the effort had taken its toll and Dave worked his way through to a 3-1 win.

The tide turned as Julian Drage struggled in his match despite snatching the first game as his opponent warmed up, finding it difficult to find good length shots in the long rallies to lose 1-3.

In close games, Chris Torney took time to get used to the speed of the ball and a strong marker before fighting back with more tactical and deceptive play to take the third, but could not regain the advantage to eventually lose in four.

With the scores drawn it was up to Mark Pearson to win the night for Weald, which he did after a hard and close battle as his persistence and unconventional play secured the match, winning 3-1.