Wednesday’s Inside Line – Speedway with Shaleman

Speedway becomes largely a fortnightly feature at the Arlington Stadium for the next four months after a hectic burst of action over the opening six weeks of the season.

Next home match for the Eastbourne Lifestyle Eagles is against Coventry on Saturday, May 5.

Co-promoter Mike Bellerby said: “The switch to two matches a month here at Arlington is pre-planned and helps us to avoid running on a Saturday night in competition with the Speedway Grand Prix or other official FIM fixtures.”

New posters will be going up – especially in the Brighton area –advertising the next four home matches:

Saturday, May 5: Coventry

Saturday, May 19: Swindon

Saturday, June 2: Poole

Monday, June 25: Lakeside.

There is no match on June 16 when both Joonas Kylmakorpi and Cameron Woodward will be taking part in a world long track meeting and there are also four GP qualification meetings on that date.

Posters are changed on a regular basis so the fixtures are up to date.