Film review: A Good Day to Die Hard (6 out of 10)

Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney in A Good Day to Die Hard.
Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney in A Good Day to Die Hard.

It’s unlikely anyone would go to a Die Hard movie and be shocked - the formula hasn’t changed since 1988 when Bruce Willis first battled the baddies.

The fifth instalment arrives and Bruce is still chalking up a bodycount that defies belief and my maths.

However, if you like the formula that has helped the franchise rake in millions upon millions of pounds at the box office then you’ll enjoy this latest incarnation.

I saw it in on the Crawley IMAX screen and would recommend this formula to get the full effect.

You don’t really get more dramatic fights, explosions and chases than in this franchise, certainly beating the Bond films for volume of punch-ups.

The plot sees John McClane (Willis) travel to Russia after son John junior (Jake played by Jai Courtney is imprisoned for attempted murder.

But all is not as it seems and both men get caught up in a plot to kill a political prisoner.

There’s some plot twists and surprises to keep you alert, but for the most part it’s all about the action.

Even the introduction of father-son antagonism is dealt with rather tamely.

Aussie Courtney is a good addition to the franchise (he was equally good as one of the bad guys in the film Jack Reacher).

Willis is consistent in these films and still looks the part, despite advancing years and hair loss.

There are other half decent roles but none are developed to any great degree.

So, if you like to switch your brain off and enjoy a decent action thriller that trashes more vehicles than I’ve ever witnessed, you can do a lot worse than this.

However, it’s probably the worst film title for a long time.

Film details: A Good Day to Die Hard (12A) 97mins.

Director: John Moore

Starring: Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney, Sebastian Koch, Yuliya Snigir

Screening courtesy of Cineworld Crawley

Steve Payne