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The nature of art

The nature of art

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The Nature Of Art - Artwave Exhibition, September 1, 2, 8, 9 11am-6pm, ARTBOX Swanborough, Lewes

NATURALLY Inspired Arts And Crafts: Carolina Diaz Artbooks, sculpture and photography; Jessie Fleck Gyroscopes and gyroscope jewellery; Rebecca Bloomfield Sculpture and Paintings from recycled materials; Louise Durham Recycled glass and driftwood sculpture; Lara Sparks Textiles and embroidery lampshades, cushions; Kirsten Taylor Recycled cake stands and jewellery; Linda Wells Recycled textiles and homewares; Sylvie Howitt Paper cut maps and prints; Emma Troy Collage and prints ;Jennifer Shutler Recycled cutlery jewellery; Georgina Shutler Recycled stamp boxes; Cath Bristow Collagraphs and prints; Liz Toole Paintings and Lino cut prints; Judith Berrill Landscape Paintings; Susan Thompson Artbooks, prints and photography; Artbox Recycled leather stationery

Performance Poetry: Louise Taylor aka Iona Jette will be performing at Artbox at 3pm on Sunday 2nd and 9th