Punks release festive single

Worthing punk band Atombuzz celebrate their 20th anniversary with the release of their first-ever Christmas single.

Nathan Haddick, from the band, said: “The profits we make from it we are planning on donating to the charity Beat (www.b-eat.co.uk). Beat is a national charity that supports the sufferers and families affected by eating disorders.

“The song is called Bipolar Christmas although the song itself is not about mental health or the bipolar diagnosis. The content lyrically of the song is more about both sides of Christmas, the money, the gifts, the food and the bah humbugness of it for some people. Like a lot of Christmas songs, it’s not an entirely serious song. However, it’s not all fun either, much like Christmas for a lot of people.

“We know Christmas can be a difficult time for a huge number of people, especially those that suffer from eating disorders, so we thought we would help in the best way we could. We hope to make a lot of money for charity and have a lot of fun. See you in the charts!”

The single is available from Amazon and iTunes. More information on bipolarchristmas.co.uk and atombuzz.co.uk.