Review: Haim, Brighton Dome, Friday March 7

Haim - Alana, Danielle and Este.
Haim - Alana, Danielle and Este.

This was a belter of a performance by Californian band Haim.

With a mixture of soaring and staccato style vocals and hooky guitar riffs, these multi-instrumentalists rocked the Brighton Dome.

Half way through the gig even the people in the seats were standing up and dancing.

Live Haim were spectacular, their vocals pitch perfect and their timing spot on.

All three girls, Este, Danielle and Alana, who are sisters incidentally and grew up in a musical family performing in bands with their parents, play guitar and sing.

The gig finished with all three Haims and their drummer crashing out rhythms on their drums together in a big beat finale that had the crowd mesmerised.

Their music has been likened to Fleetwood Mac, with overtones from the 80s, but also with a dose of RnB, pop and even Destiny’s Child thrown in.

Favourite songs for me included Don’t Save Me, My Song 5 and If I Could Change Your Mind.

Don’t Save Me could be compared to Blondie whereas If I Could Change Your Mind wouldn’t sound out of place with Phil Collins vocals.

The multilayered My Song 5 makes you feel like dancing, with its rhythm reminiscent of beats from trip hop artist Tricky.

And that thumping baseline wouldn’t be out of place at a drum and bass night at the Volks in Brighton.

Haim’s music and stage performance is powerful, surprising and compelling.

I suspect it will be a slow burner for me, as I listen to their songs again and again, get to know every nook and cranny of them, until I have happily listened to them hundreds of times.

And I really can’t stop listening to My Song 5 - it’s impossible to hear it without nodding your head in recognition of the fact that this song rocks.

Haim’s first album Days are Gone is out now.