New venue for Jehovah’s Witnesses annual convention

Jehovah’s Witnesses from Bexhill will not be meeting for their annual convention, at Brighton, this year - but at Twickenham instead.

A special worldwide arrangement for large international conventions is underway.

The local Witnesses will be part of an anticipated 55,000 gathered from the South of England, the USA, Trinidad and Tobago, Slovakia, Germany, Japan, Australia and Macedonia. Hundreds of missionaries from all over the world have been funded to return to their families for the occasion too.

As well as the three-day convention program arrangements have been made to host and entertain the visiting delegates from overseas with evenings of music, dance and comedy -and tours to London; Bath and the Cotswolds.

Whilst the Bexhill Witnesses will miss being at the Amex this year they are looking forward to getting to know others from their international brotherhood and many are engaged in making personalised mementos and souvenirs for them.

Members of the public are welcome to attend too, indeed a personal invitation to do so may be dropping through your letter box in the next few weeks.

The Bible based convention has the theme ‘Keep Seeking First God’s Kingdom’ and runs from 22-24 August.