Great acting but hard to follow

Stones In His Pockets, Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne

Two actors, Robert Laughlin and Chris Sheridan,perform a tour de force two-hander at Eastbourne’s Devonshire Park Theatre in Marie Jones Irish play Stones in His Pockets.

They play two extras in an American film being shot in Ireland and they also play 12 other parts between them including the American film star leading lady.

They do this without a change of costume and rely on their talented acting skills and facial expressions to achieve this. It is impossible to fault the acting but it is not an easy play to follow as it requires a great deal of concentration to work out who they are actually playing, with the exception of the female star. Itis funny,moving and a great theatrical experience. It was written as a two-hander and they maintained their Irish accents throughout but one of the problems was the American accents were not very prominent, which is why it was a bit confusing.

There was a sparse audience and they deserved better as they gave us a stunning performance just as the author would have wanted.