Len offers the best of Worthing’s Wurlitzer

Len Rawle
Len Rawle

The Sussex Theatre Organ Trust offers a concert featuring Len Rawle at the Wurlitzer Organ on Sunday, April 27, at 2.30pm at The Assembly Hall, Worthing (tickets 01903 206206).

Trust spokesman Simon Field said: “Len Rawle has been associated with theatre organs all his life.

“He and his father built one into the family home in Northolt, and later on in the 1960s Len bought the beautiful Wurlitzer from the Empire Cinema, Leicester Square and installed it in his house in Chorley Wood, where it remains playing sweetly to this day.

“Len and the Empire Wurlitzer were featured in the John Betjeman programme Metroland about the building of the suburbs to the west of London in the 1930s, which has been re-screened on the BBC recently.”

Simon added: “Len has been a leading light in the UK chapter of the American Theatre Organ Society for many years. The group owns and runs a Wurlitzer that was originally installed in the Granada Cinema Welling and which is now extended and playing in the Woking Leisure Centre.

“More recently he has been responsible for the restoration of the Wurlitzer in the Granada Theatre, Tooting, a stunning Grade 1 listed building that exemplifies the best of all the magnificent escapist picture palaces that were built in the 1930s.

As for the music in Worthing: “Len has a huge repertoire of interesting music well suited to the organ. Suffice to say that the emphasis will be on melody, with the music arranged to bring out the best and most interesting sounds the Worthing Wurlitzer has to offer.”