Nail-biting suspense

Dangerous obsession
Dangerous obsession

Dangerous Obsession, Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne, June 19–23, 7.45pm (Wed & Sat Mats, 2.30pm).

THE Murder In The Park thriller season comes to a dramatic climax when Talking Scarlet presents Dangerous Obsession.

With twists, turns and a dramatic finale, Dangerous Obsession has all the ingredients you need for a classic thriller.

In her conservatory, Sally Driscoll waters the plants unaware that a man is watching her intently through the window. When the man makes his presence known to her, he is not a total stranger, although perhaps her husband has more cause to remember him?

As the visitor locks the door and slips the key into his pocket it becomes chillingly apparent that this is certainly not going to be a social call…

Former Emmerdale actress Anna Brecon stars in this gripping drama alongside George Telfer and Ben Roddy, who returns to the Devonshire Park stage having appeared in the first two thrillers of the Murder In The Park season.

Full of breath-catching moments and nail-biting suspense, Dangerous Obsession leaves a mangled trail of expose in its wake before the final nerve-jangling denouement takes place.

Don’t forget to lock your doors when you get home and be careful who is watching!

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