Nostalgic fun for lovers of rock and roll

Rock Around the Clock
Rock Around the Clock

Rock Around the Clock, Congress Theatre, 

There is a wonderfully nostalgic show at the Congress Theatre, Eastbourne, featuring many of the most popular songs from the 1950s.

Rock Around the Clock is not the same one that the famous Bill Haley and the Comets performed originally, although it does include some of their music.

There is no dialogue in this two-hour show, just an exuberance of energy,colour and rock and roll from a great company of dancers and singers.

Unfortunately the company had no programmes so it was not possible to name the singers or dancers or who directed or choreographed the show.

But in a way that is good as the singing and dancing by every member of the company is excellent.

We were taken back to the days of teddy boys,quiffs and slicked back hair. The girls were resplendent in frilly petticoats and bobby socks and you really did feel you were back in the 1950s.

All the favourite artists were represented, Buddy Holly, Chubby Checker, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley and more. The audience knew the words to all the songs. So did I and we were clapping and singing along.

I did find the first half preferable to the second as there was not so much audience participation after the interval. Before the first act ended the girls came down into the audience to get people to do the twist with them.

I was expecting everyone to dance in the aisles at the end but we were never given the chance to do so, which is unusual for a rock and roll show.

There was one encore and the curtain was brought down.

That said, it is a superb show and if you love rock and roll you will love Rock Around the Clock.