Poet stars in play steeped in Caribbean folklore

John Agard
John Agard

Renowned Lewes poet John Agard, who was Kirsty Young’s guest on Desert Island Discs last Sunday, is starring as Baron Samedi in a rehearsed reading of his latest play, Baron Samedi & Maman Brigitte.

The show is presented by Crosspath Theatre at the All Saints Centre, Lewes, on Saturday, November 22.

Described as a ‘cabaret play’ and written in verse, Baron Samedi & Maman Brigitte is steeped in Caribbean folklore and tradition, the two characters being familiar in Caribbean culture as gatekeepers to the underworld.

Baron Samedi and Maman Brigitte are blasphemous and bawdy, the Baron dressed in undertaker’s garb, puffing a trademark cigar, and Maman Brigitte in her wedding gown.

The play is presented script-in-hand as a work-in-progress.

In a graveyard world the veggie ghosts want to be separate from carnivore ghosts while non-smoking ghosts demand their separate zone from smoking ghosts.

The event is part of Lewes Live Literature’s ‘Cabaret Sessions’ and a second event during the evening features a performance by chanteuse Pam Hewitt with piano accompanist Anna Tabor.

Tickets for the event cost £6 in advance or £8 on the door and are available from the LLL website.

Visit www.leweslivelit.co.uk.