"Acoustic punk" Djelibabis are back in business with Worthing reunion

Worthing's two-man band Djelibabis '“ comprising  Rob Newby and Joe Bunn '“ are back in business again with a reunion gig this weekend, their first in five years.


The two came to prominence in Worthing, attending both the Swan and Royal Oak open mic nights at the tender age of 16. They are now 29 years old. Rob is newly back in Worthing; and it’s time to get together again with their fondly-remembered acoustic punk.

They are playing an exclusive gig at Cellar Arts Club, Worthing on Saturday, November 17 at 8pm. Tickets from the venue or on the door.

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Joe, the singer in the duo, said: “We were kids when we started, 15 or 16 years old, and we just started doing the open mics. That was in 2005. We wrote a few songs and we did the open mics, doing whimsical songs about dragons and things like that.

“And then various things happened. It was mostly that Rob went to university in London and we just weren’t really in touch. We last played together about five years ago. He fell in love with a girl and they married last weekend, and now he is coming back to Worthing and we thought it was time to reunite.

“We have had one practice session and it went very well. It was a really strange thing. We only played maybe three years consistently, but when we got back together, it was a very natural thing. Some of the songs I could do perfectly. It was strange, but when we were together, we were told once ‘You must remember not to practice!’ We took that to heart, and really we just practice on stage. We haven’t played together for five years; we have just had the one practice that went very well. But we discovered that I had forgotten one verse of one of the songs. That’s not bad after five years!”

But Joe is hoping there might be someone out there in the audience who might recall the missing words to complete the lyric...