Album "our best yet"

The Temperance MovementThe Temperance Movement
The Temperance Movement
The Temperance Movement play Brighton's Concorde 2 on Monday, February 19 on the back of a new album '“ their best yet, they believe. The album is A Deeper Cut.

Guitarist Paul Sayer said: “This will be our third record. The band has been together since about 2012, and I suppose this is a pretty significant one, but all the records are significant.

“But we have been through various line-up changes and we have done a lot of touring all over the world since the last one.”

Not least with The Rolling Stones in 2014 and 2015.

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“And I think that with all that was going on we came to some realisations about what we were wanting to do. Since releasing the last album, there were a lot of options that were open to us, thinking about what we can do musically, what we can be, where we want to go…

“To start with, it was a question of just options and processing those options and then coming to decisions. But really the ultimate decision that we came to was that we just needed to carry on doing what we were doing without worrying about all the stuff that was put in front of us.

“At the end of the day the band works, and the reason people like the band is because of the sound that we have already hit them with. I think the ultimate decision was just to shut out all the noise, the radio, the TV and just get together and make the album that we wanted to make. We wanted to make the best album we could without any outside agenda… and then think about what happens next.

“I love the recording, and I think the fans will love it. It’s the best record we have done so far. It is also the broadest we have done. When you make an album, it is hard to sum up all your musical influences in one recording, but with this one, we have done a broader job, revealing the wider influences on the people in the band, and I think it is therefore a broader sound.

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“I think it sounds more comfortably us. I am really proud of the previous album, but it sounds a bit like us trying to find our sound, but with this one, we have found it… but obviously who you are as a band is changing constantly. A record is only like a snapshot of who you are as a band in those two weeks that you make it.”

A big part of their experiences over the past few years was touring with The Stones: “That was an awesome time. It was a few years ago now, and we have done a lot since, but it was great.

“We got to hang out with them quite a bit and obviously we got to see the show every night which was awesome. It was an amazing all-round experience.

“The ultimate thing when you see them is that you realise it is not a huge spectacular show going on. It is massive obviously with a huge audience, but really it is just the guys on the stage, and the music is still really a rock ‘n’ roll band like you would get in a bar. But they are doing it in a stadium, and it is really, really hard to make that music work in that setting… but it does work with them.

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“But obviously, I think the other thing is that as well as all the charisma that they have got, it is about the songs and ultimately about the audience’s relationship with those songs.

“And of course, they have kept going, despite the political differences in the band. I think it is a conscious decision that whatever happens, they are not going to split up.”