All Together Now with Larissa on prime-time TV!

Brighton-based singer-songwriter Larissa Eddie is loving being part of BBC One's fresh new prime-time TV show for Saturday nights, All Together Now.

Larissa Eddie
Larissa Eddie

Larissa is one of the judges known as The 100, a panel of 100 music experts and performers from across the UK, headed by former Spice Girl Geri Horner.

Hosted by comedian Rob Beckett, the show is a singing competition with a twist. Each episode, a range of talented singers take to the stage. The aim of the competition is simple. Each act is hoping to get as many of The 100 singing along with their performance as they can, because the more of The 100 who join in, the higher the act scores.

Each member of The 100 who joins in scores the act one point, but since The 100 are a broad mix of ages, music backgrounds, music interests and opinions, getting them all joining in and singing along is no easy task.

The series, running across six episodes, comes to a conclusion on March 3 when the ultimate winner will secure the £50,000 series prize.

“It’s a completely-new format for Saturday-night TV,” says Larissa, “and I am lucky enough to be one of the featured judges. I got to sing on the opening seconds of the music video in the first episode, and I have also got little speaking bits back stage.

“I got contacted by social media, a direct message from one of the researchers who asked me to come and audition. They loved me. There are looking for big personalities and for people from all different parts of the music industry. You have got people who run music schools and people who are singer-songwriters like me.

“We have all got our little box and our little buzzer, and if we like what we are hearing, we stand up and sing along, and the more people stand up and sing along, the more points the contestants get.”

The series has been recorded through to its final. Understandably Larissa and her fellow judges are sworn to secrecy ahead of the last episode going out.

“It has been amazing, the BBC’s new answer to The Voice which has gone over to ITV, and so far the reviews are all very positive. It’s just a new idea in live entertainment, and everyone is being very complimentary.“I don’t know if there will be a next series at the moment, but the feedback is great. It is very light-hearted. There are no major sob stories. There is no record contract at the end, just a lot of fun… and the cash prize. It is just a great feel-good show.”

For Larissa, it’s also a great chance to raise her profile. She has been on tour in the past supporting Lionel Richie and Peter Andre: “I have done lots of stuff. For me, I am just wanting to get my own music out there. I want to be pushing my own material, and this is a great way to increase my profile.

“And I was the biggest Spice Girls fan growing up, and it has been a dream come true to be sitting alongside Geri on the show.”