Art class for beginners

We have all started painting at art class,On Friday's twelve thirty to three.Our equipment's untouched,In our nervous hands clutched,And we hope to be Monets by tea

We're all lucky to have a good teacher,

By the name of Dennis Lascelles.

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He got us all started,

And round the room darted,

A fine picture he paints as he tells.

It all looks so terribly easy.

His brushwork developed like magic.

We dipped brush into trays,

Splashed on blues, browns and greys.

The result? '“ Unbelievably tragic!

We're all learning to use the right brushes,

To achieve the desired effects.

Some are small and some bigger,

And one's called a rigger,

And that is as long as it gets.

The art paper's a bit of a quandary,

With pads, blocks and Waterford NOT.

There's hot pressed and rough,

And if that's not enough,

There's various weights to be got.

Colour mixing's not easy to master;

The primaries, the warms and the cool.

We've all made a swatch,

Mine's a bit of a botch,

But it's great being back at school.

We're all learning fast at our art class.

Wet on wet, dry on dry techniques.

But we're all certain sure,

That, although not by four,

We'll be Monets in two or three weeks!!

Don Filliston