70s sitcom Are You Being Served? revived on the Bexhill stage

70s sitcom Are You Being Served? hits the stage at BLODS Little Theatre, Bexhill.

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70s sitcdsf

Chairman of BLODS Kitson Wellard is looking confidently to the future after a tough couple of years.

“The recent return to theatres and a sense of normality after Covid restrictions have been a very happy relief for theatre-goers. BLODS have been running for 89 years and next year the society will be hosting a 90th birthday celebration gala. BLODS will continue to produce good quality local theatre productions and we are happy to welcome people back again.

“The future is looking good at BLODS as the next two large- scale musicals at the De La Warr Pavilion have already been set. Both of the musicals are big box office smash hits: ELF - The Musical this December and in the summer of 2023 BLODS will be staging the international hit show School of Rock by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Both of these musicals are based on the critically acclaimed films with the same name.”

BLODS recently won n ational accolades of excellence for their production of Allo Allo at the Little Theatre and Shrek – The Musical at the De La Warr, from NODA. Now comes Are You Being Served?

“This play is filled with innuendos and typical stereotypes and language associated in the TV series from that era. In its artistic form, the play is set in a time when political correctness was not quite developed yet so some subject matter would now be considered taboo in the current climes of being grammatically and socially correct. Audiences should remember this when viewing. Yes, Mrs Slocombe will be bringing her pussycat along and Mr Humphries is definitely free! However the play is sympathetic and does not patronise groups of people. Our actors are working really hard to bring the characters to life and not portray stereotypes negatively. BLODS recognise that modern times in script writing, language and culture have changed intrepidly and as a society we pride ourselves on inclusion and diversity which is why we thought it important to produce plays that satirise the eras and trends.

“ The costumes, set and atmosphere have been created to resemble the 1970s detail.”

Director Simon Meeson added: “The whole team aim to make this show the best it can be and a homage to the TV show. As you walk in you will feel like you are in the Grace Brothers department store. The play is based on lots of light-hearted humour and it is set within another fun immersive experience at the little theatre. When the motley crew of the Grace Brothers department store prepare for a sale of German goods and then depart for a staff holiday in Spain, they survive their stay in the tropics at a one-star establishment and their encounters with everything from a Spanish crumpet to randy revolutionaries with everything intact but their modesty.”

BLODS production of Are You Being Served?, is showing between August 3-12 with evening performances at 7.30pm and matinees from 2pm. Tickets can be bought directly from www.blods.co.uk. This play has adult themes and references to nudity.