Between The Water And The Clouds is show as Star Brewery Gallery reopens

Between The Water And The Clouds is the reopening show at Lewes’ Star Brewery Gallery (April 17-25).

Thursday, 15th April 2021, 6:05 am
Neglected Wilderness
Neglected Wilderness

It comes from Jacob Crivello and Continuum Studio.

Jacob said: “This is the fifth instalment of an ongoing collaboration of shows. This edition, Between The Water And The Clouds, is centred around the fact that life exists between and within that thin strata of circularity. Water is the fundamental elixir for life and its fragile cycle is paramount to our existence.

“In this show we both explore different themes, and concepts expanding from this.

“In my tobacco tins, I have examined our relationship with the nature that surrounds us and the magnificence of natural landscape.

“Memories and moments are encapsulated as though in a locket.

“In my bell jars and globes I looked at the consequences of ignoring or overpowering the natural world and dire results that we will have.”

Jacob added: “I am a 24-year-old artist from Lewes.

“In my work I create emotion through re-imagined micro-landscapes where contemporary figures are dwarfed by landscapes of craggy moss-covered rocks, sandy cliff edges, watery gulleys and sparse vegetation.

“Positioned behind Perspex and under glass domes, these landscapes are micro-worlds you can view from a reassuringly safe distance, reminiscent of curiosities in a 19th-century museum collection yet at the same time offering a haunting reminder of a world depleted in natural resources through climate change. I am strongly influenced the German Romanticist Casper David Friedrich and the Diorama artist Thomas Doyle.”

Earlier this year, the gallery celebrated its first anniversary – sadly a year of mostly being shut.