Contemporary glass and sculpture on show at Chichester's Oxmarket Gallery

Spectrum offers a solo show of contemporary glass and sculpture by Adam Aaronson at Chichester’s Oxmarket Gallery (until Sunday, December 5).

Imaginary Landscape Vessels by Adam Aaronson
Imaginary Landscape Vessels by Adam Aaronson

Adam lives in Pagham Harbour and makes glass in West Horsley in Surrey

“Spectrum refers to the wide range of glass designs I’ve been creating for over 25 years as a master craftsman. You can see many elements in the show.

“It also refers to the vibrant range of colours in my art - each piece captures and reflects light in different ways.

“The Oxmarket Gallery is my favourite gallery as it is so light and airy – perfect for my work. Although I have exhibited here before, this is my first solo show at the Oxmarket. It has been more than a year in planning and I am thrilled with the way the show is looking. In particular, my Faces in the Crowd installations are usually found in outdoor locations, so it is a real delight to have the space to present this work in an indoor environment. The sculpture is 2.4m wide and few galleries can accommodate such major works.

“I’m a full-time glass artist, untrained and untrainable and have been making my artwork for more than 25 years. I moved my glassblowing studio out of London to West Horsley eight years ago and I been living in Pagham Harbour on the edge of the RSPB reserve since October 2020.

“I have always been inspired by the ceaseless mutability of light on the landscape, the sky and on water. I am fascinated by horizons, the vanishing point where the land merges with the sky. Glass is the ideal medium to express this idea of continual change since its properties are inherently mutable, not only in its molten state but also in the way the play of light creates endless nuances in the finished piece. So my dawn walks to the beach are a complete inspiration for my artwork.

“When I’m not creating my work, I also run courses for beginners at my studio and at this time of the year I’m teaching children and adults to make beautiful Christmas baubles! You can find these online at”