Festival of Chichester art shows from ARTEL and recent University of Chichester graduates

LOCKGATE 200: ARTEL sees artists celebrate the 200th anniversary of Chichester Ship Canal alongside an exhibition from new graduates at the University of Chichester.

The exhibitions run until Sunday, July 3 at Chichester’s Oxmarket Contemporary.

A spokesman said: “ARTEL is a long-established group of contemporary artists that regularly exhibits throughout the south of England.

"Its members have diverse practices that make for interesting shows and the stimulating sharing of ideas and talents. Visitors to Lockgate 200 will have a lively experience of the individual outcomes from these artists.”

Participating artists are Maureen Brigden, Sehila Craft, Maggie Cronk, Isabel Dodson, Polly Dutton, Sue England, Liz Hanan, Sandra Izard, Jackie Knee, Sylvia Kopecek, Carol Naylor, Linda Nevill, Deborah Richards, Catherine Somerville-Wilson and Bridget Woods.

ARTEL is a collective of contemporary artists living and working in Sussex.

Also running is an exhibition selected from the recent degree show of nine students from University of Chichester – students who had to navigate the pandemic, the lockdowns and remote learning during their time in higher education.

“Concluding their three-year degree in 2022 following two of the most tumultuous years faced by the world with the onset of Covid-19 and subsequent lockdowns, the nine artists represented in this exhibition have seemingly flourished in the adversity that the pandemic must have wrought on their studies.

“In what was a strong year for fine art at the u niversity, the nine artists here have produced distinctive and bold bodies of work.

"Selecting one or two works in most cases from each artist, the overall effect is to show the strength of new graduates as they emerge as artists. Each artist bears further investigation and deserves to excel in their chosen field.”

The participating artists are Amanda Berridge, Angelika Biller, Bailey Bishop, Mike Crouch, Michelle Deacon, Wendy Hodges, Chloe McArthur, Harry Payne and Elle Sammons.