Horsham artist offers live and online high street events

Artist Clare Packham is offering a series of events from 20 West Street on Horsham high street.

Clare Packham
Clare Packham

“People can drop in and see my practice anytime between now and June 3.

“I’m a performance artist, director and writer, specialising in experimental post-dramatic theatre and new musical theatre. I recently graduated from the University of Bristol with a first-class honours theatre and performance degree.

“I’m the co-founder of the artist collective PINCHY theatre, and the feminist zine PEACHY CLEAN ZINE ((dirty)). I’m most interested in art that lives between mediums and experiments with the possibilities of liveness and co-presence.

“I’m currently hosted in 20 West Street by Hypha Studios, who pair creatives with empty spaces to develop their creative practice for free. You can drop in anytime to see how I work and chat about art.

“Alongside my existing projects, I have been using my time in the space to develop a new concept around dreams and collective cultural memory. This has taken the form of an audio dream walk of Horsham town centre, entitled _DREAMS_, using the app Echoes. _DREAMS_ was born after discovering my late grandfather had written down his dreams. I started to record my own dreams after waking and sought to find correlations between our dream worlds.

“You’ll hear dreams I’ve had, dreams my dad and grandad have had and dreams the people of Horsham have had. I’m interested in intergenerational dreaming and how we dream about people who are no longer with us. _DREAMS_ is accompanied by music composed by my collaborator Fintan Kealy. After you’ve experienced the walk, I invite you to come and visit me in 20 West Street, as I’d love to hear how it made you feel and about your own dream world.

“With my artist collective PINCHY theatre, I am doing several live-streamed and in-person events. These include open rehearsals of a new musical I’m writing and a show written entirely in one day.”

Coming up:

Livestream and open rehearsal: Killing Time in Darkminster (A Young Person’s Guide) – Saturday, May 29, 9am-9pm

Livestream: Shenanigan! writing process Saturday, May 29, 9pm onwards

Livestream and public performance: Shenanigan! Sunday, May 30, 2pm

All livestreams are on the PINCHY theatre YouTube account.

Open rehearsals and public performance are at 20 West Street (the old Thomas Cook).