Lewes exhibition celebrates trees in reality and the imagination

Lewes’s Star Brewery Gallery offers The Tree Show (until November 7), a group exhibition celebrating trees in reality and the imagination.

Lewes’s Star Brewery Gallery offers The Tree Show
Lewes’s Star Brewery Gallery offers The Tree Show

The Tree Show was conceived by environmental journalist John May working with the Star Brewery Gallery’s owner Neeta Pedersen.

Neeta said: “The varied works by Sussex artists highlight the beauty and importance of trees in the Climate Change era.

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“The exhibition brings together a wide range of mediums, styles and approaches to a subject that has fascinated landscape painters, photographers, illustrators, engravers and sculptors throughout the centuries. Their huge variety of forms and foliage provide an ever-changing backdrop to the countryside as we move through the seasons. The striking inky skeletons of bare trees acquire buds that unfold into fresh leaves or needles. Frothy blossoms add colour and pollen. This exciting exhibition captures many of these aspects in the work of the talented artists on display.

“Recently our whole understanding of trees has been upturned by the scientific revelation that the roots of trees are intimately linked by the fungal mycelium in the soil forming a connected communication network called the Wood Wide Web.

“Tree-planting on a massive scale across the world is making a contribution to cutting carbon levels, increasing biodiversity, and cleaning the atmosphere of crowded cities.

“The new global environmental movement is very focused on rewilding and regenerating damaged nature.”