Lyfe is new St Leonard's exhibition

A new St Leonards exhibition focuses on the work of Andrew Rickett under the title Lyfe.
landscape emerginglandscape emerging
landscape emerging

The show is at BAKIIBAK, Offerfair Business Park, Maunsell Road, St Leonards from September 5-27, weekends only 10am-6pm.

Spokesman Ben Lees said: “Andrew has exhibited his work both nationally and internationally. Alongside his solo practice, Rickett is one part of the research-practice-led duo GOO NOTORIOUS which describes itself as being involved in ‘adventures in goo, kibble, slime and primordial materials.’

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Yeast is suspended in “blended organic nutrient sludge altering its ecosystem, terraforming a new horizon – a new world, a new geography and atmospheric exhaust created in a bottle from the sediments and gaseous discharge of the process, which on a different scale we would call brewing.

“Lyfe is both an unveiling of this yeast created world and a conglomeration of the other tangential threads of Andrew Rickett’s practice to create a context and a mythology for this freshly but briefly existing biosphere.

“Within the BAKIIBAK exhibition space system is the Hat Wearing Elephant Simian from the stellar nursery of the Carina Nebula, an avatar or deity that has emerged from the swirling dust clouds of elements and charged particles.

“We also have a visitation from the Suomi bearded bard shaman Väinämöinen formed from beech blossom, dried berries, pollen and straw, who mined the knowledge of the world traveling ogre Vipunen (created here from fish bone and strawberry milkshake powder) in order to sing a ship into existence.

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“The words to this incitation had sedimented as matter into Vipunen’s calcified body when the ogre, tired of its journey, had lain down to become a mountain with its mouth becoming the entrance to a cave. These three visitors are bound to the processes of the world within a flask through the dual mythoglyphic sigil ‘dsm-bds’16’ which vibrates between being symbol-image and material-object.

“The exhibition’s title Lyfe is taken from a hypothetical expansion of the definition of life to encompass a greater range of physical and chemical systems.

“Through working with and reforming crushed matter Andrew Rickett is involved in a re-blending of the experiential vitality and affective qualities of material and objecthood.

“The act of crushing and reforming is one of destroying material hierarchies; each material becomes no more or less important that the others, or those used to bind them, in the overall formation of the work.

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“From the anthropocentric perspective, each separate material contains loaded histories and narratives from its previous or intended usage, the coalition of these as mixes of matter becomes a testing of its qualities as blended data, image, histories, scale, utility, reality, and myth.”

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