New Lewes show puts Mikey Skinner's art in the spotlight

Saltdean artist Mikey Skinner offers the exhibition Fusion at the Star Brewery Gallery, Lewes from June 24 to July 3.

Mikey Skinner
Mikey Skinner

Mikey explains: “On January 1 2020 I started to paint seriously and have been painting since then.

“I see my work as a fusion of subconscious reasoning with paint, collage, colour, texture and three-dimensional elements. I use abstract expressionism to paint quite large works on canvas with acrylics.

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“Colour is my main consideration and I like to use bright hues.

"I also combine paint and collage in my work.

"I don’t really plan works as such.

"I want to use my subconscious to create paintings which are free from constraints.

“I am getting away from the rules and regulations governing the work I did as a graphic designer and teacher during my life.

“So, I start with a few ideas, and then progress until I feel the work has reached a satisfying conclusion.

"Then I see all kinds of references and symbols which I recognise.

"This exhibition covers works from the first two and a half years of my endeavour.

"There is plenty of experimentation and conceptual work and I have chosen from the over one hundred works these paintings which I feel are the most successful.”

Mikey added: “In 1966 I attended art school and trained to be a graphic designer.

"I worked in London and then Brighton where I freelanced for ten years.

" I then became a lecturer in graphic design until my retirement.

“I have been making images all my life through photography, drawing, painting, collage, graphic design and digital media. I have made many collages and other mixed media artworks and dabbled with painting.

"During 2010-2020 I made a series of art boxes which I exhibited at the Grange Gallery, Rottingdean.

“The art boxes display imagery which illustrates a particular story or theme.

"I found the research very interesting and the method I was going to use to communicate the idea.

" I used a variety of mixed media for these.”