The World through Autistic Eyes is new Horsham Museum & Art Gallery exhibition

The World through Autistic Eyes offers a new Horsham Museum & Art Gallery exhibition from Joe James, running from July 18-August 29.

Joe James
Joe James

Spokeswoman Rachel Weller said: “Joe James is an emerging photographer, based in Horsham, whose work has quickly gained a strong following on social media. Joe is autistic and is proud of the abilities this gives him. His highly developed eye for detail, ability to learn quickly and in depth, and his unique perspective on the world are all key to his skills as a photographer.

“Last year, while struggling with depression and anxiety, Joe found a great deal of comfort in walking in the local countryside. He wished to find a way of capturing the memories of these experiences, and photography seemed a natural choice.

“Having watched instructional videos online, Joe ventured out with his camera to take some photos. Pony Heaven, one of the first images that Joe ever captured, received great acclaim on social media which inspired him to develop this new skill.

“Thanks to the support of his family, friends and his new-found online following, Joe feels that his mental health has never been better.

“In this exhibition at Horsham Museum & Art Gallery, Joe will be sharing his treasured memories and captured moments through a combination of his photography and a series of accompanying poems.”

Free Artist Talks, in which Joe will share his experiences of autism, will be held in the Museum Library at 11am and 1pm on July 18 and August 24 and 3pm on July 27. There are only 20 spaces available, so contact [email protected] to reserve your space.

The proceeds from the sale of framed prints on display will be donated to Maryland Ponies, a Horsham charity that rescues and cares for neglected ponies.