Time Is On Our Side offers an October art show in St Leonards

The exhibition runs until October 30 at the Southwater Area Community Centre, 1&2 Stainsby Street, St Leonards (Monday to Saturday, 10am-4pm depending on availability of rooms or by appointment).

Nick Hill
Nick Hill

Organiser Nick Hill said: “The show was originally planned to take place back in April as part of the A Town Explores: A Book Festival, but was obviously cancelled due to lockdown. In these difficult and challenging times, it is important, we feel, that people can still engage with art and culture.

“The show is a community-based project that will feature artists of all ages and walks of life, from children to pensioners and is very loosely based on the H G Wells novel The Time Machine.”

Nick has been putting on this kind of event at the Centre once or twice a year since 2009, when he started a foundation diploma in fine art, followed by a degree, for which he got a distinction.

“The idea of these events is to bring a bit of attention to the possibilities offered by the Community Centre, as well as offering local artists – many of whom do not have that many opportunities to exhibit their work – a chance to show off their talents.

“The younger artists are usually encouraged to display new work and are thanked with a few small gifts and a certificate of participation. The show this year will feature a wide range of mediums, including mixed media, paintings, embroidery, photography and more. The selection will be very eclectic with something to please all tastes and styles.

“A lot of the exhibits will be for sale, for which a small donation will go to the Centre.”

Nick says he loves organising these shows, despite them being hard work and time-consuming: “I find it very rewarding just to give people a chance to exhibit their work, especially the younger participants. The Centre management during lockdown have been concentrating on improving the building and making it safe for all, and facilitating groups including yoga, therapies, AA and many others. The show will be open from 10-4, depending on the availability of the rooms, or by appointment.

“I hope the show will inspire people or at least bring smiles to the viewers’ faces. We all need cheering up in these difficult times.”