Worthing exhibition explores "family, fairy-tale, nature, spirituality and charity"

Artists Eleonora Medwell and Elena Krumgold are exhibiting until Friday, December 17 at the Worthing Quaker Meeting House.

Work by Eleonora Medwell
Work by Eleonora Medwell

Eleonora said: “The exhibition is centred around the theme of family, wonder, fairy-tale, nature, spirituality and charity.

“We will be donating ten per cent from all art sales and 100 per cent from the art auction to the Turning Tides charity.”

Elena is an independent British artist of Baltic-Slavic origins based in Worthing.

She identifies the process of art making as a part of the spiritual path.

Being a Quaker, Elena looks at all life as sacramental and all days as holy, but at the same time as an artist, she says she finds a great meaning and inspiration in living in harmony with nature's seasonal circles, respecting the Wheel Of The Year and exploring pagan traditions.

Having an extensive experience of working with vulnerable adults and organising art sessions for people with dementia and end-of-life patients, Elena is passionate about creating safe and relaxing spaces for inclusive art exploration, free of judgement and pressure.

Elena has exhibited her works in the UK and Russia.

Elena sees faces and shadows in marks, cracks, accidental shapes: “Those shapes and shadows just need a bit of highlighting or outlining to help them to emerge fully,” she says.

She wishes to create art that gives the audience freedom of interpretation, without imposing the artist's personality on the work.

She uses a technique of preparing the canvas through random processes to create an image that pre-exists any artistic intention. She then paints to elucidate what (or whom) Elena sees in the painting.

“This vision is the result of pareidolia: the phenomenon of intuitive association of objects with faces or other forms due to a vague, partial resemblance.”

Because these images are produced and experienced subconsciously, Elena believes that they can help us to access the reality hidden behind our fixed, conscious notions of what we ‘should’ see, and to free our creativity that came from deep within”

Eleonora Medwell is a British self-taught artist of Ukrainian origin. She's been living in Worthing with her British husband Ken since 2005.

Eleonora is a mixed media artist. She paints with acrylics, oil pastels and collage.

Eleonora's works have participated in many exhibitions of professional artists in the UK, including presented in the OPEN21 exhibition in Worthing Museum.

Her art is inspired by women's beauty and sensuality. She paints the same object that interested her in her childhood - female images. She looks at the clouds, at clusters of trees, at spreading paint on the canvas and sees women's faces.

The artist's intention is to tell a story through her art of the woman who is free from stereotypes, imposed rules and expectations: “The woman in the paintings is enjoying her life, confident in her value and uniqueness and lives in harmony with nature. She is a Child, a Woman, a Wife and a Mother. She is a Human and a Goddess. She is the Blessed One.”