Bognor blues band releases Syria charity single

Bognor Regis-based Ruby & The Revelators have released a charity single, Walk With Me.


Olivia Stevens aka Ruby said: “In the face of recent news reports coming out of Syria regarding the atrocities and devastations brought about by the civil war, Ruby & the

Revelators decided we must do something via the power of music to make

a difference.

“Ever since I originally heard the track Walk With Me written by King Rollo, a one-time collaborator and enduring close friend of mine, I knew I had to sing this deeply -emotive anthem to solidarity and put it out as a single. It seemed to harness such a powerful but simple message, whilst also touching upon history and slavery, and asking us to simply walk with me

“In times of such division, and especially at this time of year when so many have so little and feel so helpless, this is our way as a band of Sussex-based blues sisters and brothers to try and make sure the small mercies of present-giving and card-exchanging don’t supersede the bigger picture. This is our small but sincere attempt to ease the suffering – both at home and across the world. This is just the start as we also have planned a charity music

event that will support the Chestnut Tree Hospice as well as this Syrian-based charity in February.”

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