A shocking true crime inspires toxic friendship thriller to be launched in Brighton

A shocking true crime was the inspiration for Victoria Selman’s All The Little Liars (Quercus) which she will be launching at Waterstones Brighton on Thursday, August 24.

“I will be talking to bookseller Richard about the inspiration behind the story, my writing journey and how I build suspense on the page. I’ll also be answering audience questions and signing copies one week before All The Little Liars hits the shelves!”

The event is open to all Brighton book lovers with tickets available at https://www.waterstones.com/events/preview-party-all-the-little-liars-by-victoria-selman/brighton

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Victoria, aged 45, said: “All The Little Liars is a thriller about toxic friendship that asks: How far would you go to belong? It’s a story that’s been brewing ever since I read a shocking true crime account of two sixteen-year-old girls who stabbed their best friend. When they were asked why they’d committed such an awful act, the only explanation they could offer was: ‘We didn’t like her...’

“It made me think about the dynamics of teenage friendships. Their volatility. How high passions run at this age. And how desperate teenagers are to belong and be accepted.

I’ve also been interested for some time in Charles Manson. Not the man himself but rather the hold he had over his so-called ‘Family’. How did he exert such a hypnotic effect? How might he operate if he were alive today?

“All The Little Liars was partly inspired by these true crimes but it is its own story and completely fictionalised at that. It will hopefully appeal to anyone who enjoys true crime and twisty stories.

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“All The Little Liars is a stand-alone thriller though similar in form to my previous novel, Truly Darkly Deeply in that it told across two timelines and through the voice of a young girl – the sister. Like Truly Darkly Deeply, it explores the ripple effect of a crime on the people left behind and is not at all gory so don’t worry if you’re squeamish!

“Prior to All The Little Liars, I wrote a series centring on an ex-Special Forces criminal profiler that was shortlisted for a CWA Dagger award and Truly Darkly Deeply which was published last year. Truly Darkly Deeply was a Sunday Times bestseller and Richard and Judy book club pick. It was also nominated for the Theakston’s Crime Novel of the Year Award and the Fingerprint Thriller of the Year Award with film rights sold to See Saw Films.

The novel explores a serial killer’s legacy through the eyes of his daughter and like All The Little Liars, it was also inspired by true crime.

“I started writing professionally in 2019. I’ve always wanted to be an author (at the age of seven I wrote my first novel – two whole A4 pages!). Being published was literally a dream come true!”