Brighton nine-year-old pens debut novel

A nine-year-old girl from Brighton, who wrote her first novel while the schools were closed during the first lockdown, has now published it on Amazon.

Harriet Hutson
Harriet Hutson

Harriet Hutson, who goes to Balfour Primary School, was inspired to write the book titled The Tale of Another Dimension after the schools closed in 2020.

She said: “I love writing and as the schools were shut down, I had lots of spare time, which meant I had time to write my first novel. My mum was home-schooling me and during an English lesson, I asked for a topic to write about. She said ‘underwater’, so I made the first two chapters of my book and later on decided to create more of it.”

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The book The Tale of Another Dimension is about an underwater adventure with four main characters, Ellie, Lucy, Luke and Rodeo, a seahorse.

Ellie finds herself staring at a hole and the next thing she knows she’s being dragged away into a fantasy adventure. She makes friends with two merpeople and a giant seahorse. She then finds herself facing difficult challenges and seeing dreams she’s not meant to.

When she finds out there’s a plot set for one of her new friends, the four of them try their hardest to get to the end. They must save a loved one, stop a plot and face challenges beyond their imagination – and the question is can they make it home safe?

The creation of the story became a family project as Harriet’s second cousin Celia Warre created the illustrations for the book. And Harriet’s mum did the editing, while her dad designed the book.