Murder from Beyond the Grave​​​​​​​ is new thriller from Durrington author

Derek McMillan (contributed pic)Derek McMillan (contributed pic)
Derek McMillan (contributed pic)
Durrington author Derek McMillan is in print with Murder from Beyond the Grave, available at £4 from Amazon and eBay.

Derek, aged 71, said: “Detective stories, although they deal with horrific crimes, also contain the certainty for the reader that the detective will uncover the facts and justice will be served. The Durrington Detective Agency stories locate this genre in the locality of Durrington and I think that the local detail makes the story more realistic. Craig and Micah McLairy – not to mention their German Shepherd Barker – take on the hunt for an impossible murderer. Surely it is not possible to murder somebody when the murderer is already most definitely dead? I came to write this book because the existing Durrington Detective Agency stories are all short stories and the University of the Third Age book group in Worthing suggested to me that a longer story would be a good idea. I agreed and this book is the result.

“There are three prequels: The Durrington Detective Agency; Death in Durrington; and Darkness in Durrington. There will be sequels too. I have written science fiction (The Mirror of Eternity series) as well as detective fiction. I have written for publications in the UK, the USA and Canada. I run a blog for flash fiction in Worthing which has a hundred writers and – at this time – 63,000 readers have visited the blog. I started writing when I was a child. My sister Janice Robinson, the crime writer, bought me an old Remington. People could read my work without having to master my handwriting.”