New children's book from Lancing film-maker Trevor Hardy

A royal sprout gets thrown out of the palace in a new book from Lancing film-maker Trevor Hardy.

Lancing film-maker Trevor Hardy
Lancing film-maker Trevor Hardy

A Right Royal Sprout has been published by Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream Inc and is available from Amazon at £11.59.

Trevor explains: “A Right Royal Sprout is a book that myself and co-creator Neil James have been working on for around a year.

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“The idea behind the book is the story of a sprout called Ralfie that is thrown out of the palace because he is too small and not good enough for the royal table. This is the story of Ralfie as he goes around helping people.

“The planning for this book was big as it is different from usual children’s books in that its sets, models props etc are photographed. So each element had to be made by hand, The puppets, sets and props are all specially made in miniature.

“The book will appeal to lots of families. The age range is three to eight years, but everyone will love it.

“I came up for the idea for Royal Sprout whilst I was working on my stop-motion feature film Strike which came out in 2018.

“I started scribbling down initial ideas and about a year later, I teamed up with Neil (screen writer on Strike) and we thrashed out some ideas, scenarios etc.

“Neil’s mum Frankie Wohler is a brilliant poet and Frankie came up with the lovely poem story.

“We are aiming the book at all families but I guess this is the book I would have loved to have had when I was a little boy and excited Father Christmas was coming. I love the idea of kids really enjoying the story but also loving the sets, characters etc, feeling they are there in the book with them.

“The starting point for the book was the title actually, A Right Royal Sprout. I just thought it sounded good and sounded like a Christmas idea, so it began there.

“Hopefully Sprout will be really popular and myself, Neil and Frankie will be asked by Puppy Dogs and Ice Cream (the publishers) to make another. I have an idea for another Christmas book and also a Halloween one… oh and a set of children’s books that follow Three Little Friends on their days together.

“I love coming up with ideas, worlds, characters and scenarios. I’m not sure I could stop it even if I wanted too. My brain seems to be constantly thinking about it.”