"Putting Humpty back together remains a daunting task for busy millennials"

Knowledge is power and we have a right to know, says Goring author Trevor Rollings.

Trevor Rollings
Trevor Rollings

The former teacher’s new book is The Stupendous Story of Us: From Big Brother to Big Bang in Fifteen Frantic Chapters (Unicorn Publishing Group, £12.50, available from bookshops, Amazon, Book Depository etc).

Trevor, aged 71, said: “We live in challenging times, and we need help joining together the dots of our lives without falling for the latest celebrity-endorsed quick-fix wonder cure or conspiracy theory. The real thing is much more amazing, taxing our grey matter a little, but definitely worth the investment.

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“We can write a better story for ourselves only if we balance our potential as a species with a healthy understanding of our limitations. To achieve that, we need an overview of our progress in all areas of our lives, and Stupendous Story sets out to achieve that.

“After 40 years exploring ideas with enquiring young minds in the classroom I wanted to spend my retirement writing books that made complex issues clear without dumbing them down. Stupendous Story is the overview of a series I have written called Empires of the Mind.

“It is written as a series of chapters exploring who we are, how we think and how to face up to the challenges of living in harmony on a crowded planet, pulled together as a story about ourselves.

“There is nothing New Age about this book. It addresses scientific issues full on and pulls no punches about our foibles and failings. It’s not just another offering in the Mind Body Spirit department. I’ve written it in an accessible style for the intellectually curious of all ages.

“I plan a sequel call A Little History of Big Ideas.”

Trevor added: “I became fascinated by the connections between the brain and the mind during my teaching career, which led me to read a great deal of neuroscience, evolutionary psychology and philosophy in its widest sense. There has been enormous progress in these disciplines, but putting Humpty back together remains a daunting task for busy millennials with bills to pay and twenty-four-hour rolling news. My ebooks serve as Guides for the Perplexed, based on the belief that there are exciting things going on out there, and they need somehow to be presented in a wider frame.

“I retired from teaching in 2010 to focus on my writing. It is fiendishly difficult to get books like mine published, but I have persevered because I believe in what I am doing.

“The book trade is picking up slowly after Covid, and I am hoping to stage some book signings locally.

“I am also offering to go into local schools to talk to pupils.”

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