West Sussex author offers "old-fashioned adventure” in The Famous Five tradition

Bognor Regis author Sharon Whittington promises “a good old-fashioned adventure story” in The Famous Five tradition.

Sharon Whittington with her nephew Oliver Heath
Sharon Whittington with her nephew Oliver Heath

Stirling Harrington and the Magical Brooch has been published by The Better Book Company at £10 and is available from Sharon on 077751 62779 and [email protected]

Sharon, aged 52, explains: “Stirling Harrington and the Magical Brooch is the story of nine-year-old Stirling, his seven-year-old sister Penny and their parents during the family’s first foreign holiday in France.

“One evening, shortly before the family holiday, Stirling unearths an ancient brooch whilst digging in his back garden. He doesn’t learn of the brooch’s mystical powers until he and new friends find themselves in danger and fearing for their lives. In this fast-paced adventure story, Stirling and Penny travel through five centuries’ worth of significant key events in French history.

“The story reaches its conclusion in 1919 when Stirling and Penny, following a masquerade ball at the Palace of Versailles, hitch a lift from a German family passing the Palace. The family promise to help the two children and deliver them to safety in Germany.

“But do this German family fulfil their promise upon arriving in Germany? Will Stirling and Penny be reunited with their parents or are they destined to continue with further adventures?

“After the first adventure the children establish that they are somehow back in the 16th century. They experience historical French events and travel in modes of transport invented by the French. There is mention of French cuisine and the French language in the book.”

Sharon added: “I am a registered childminder and the children I look after inspired me to write the book. The book is for eight to 11-year-olds and I enjoyed researching and writing it more than I ever thought possible. I do intend writing a sequel which will be set in Germany.

“I started writing the book a couple of years ago whilst bored one Saturday afternoon when my husband was watching football. A friend had given me an idea which I adapted. It gave me a starting point. Because parts of the book are factual, I had a fair amount of research to carry out before I could begin writing.”

Proceeds of the book will go to Great Ormond Street Hospital.