West Sussex author urges better understanding with new book

Susan Taylor from Felpham urges everyone should be given a fair chance in her new book.

Susan Taylor
Susan Taylor

Those Around Me (ISBN-13: 979-8721535024) has been independently published on KDP at £6 and is available from bookshops and Amazon.

Susan, aged 39, who attended Bishop Tufnell Primary School, Felpham Community College and then Chichester College of Arts Science and Technology, said: “This story is about a very angry and negative young man who is ghastly and vile to the people around him. He has become self-centred and incredibly resentful until one night someone shows him who he is and how he affects others. There is some strong language and reference to adult content in context of the characters lives.

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“In the end the main character will realise what an awful person he has become and will have some major soul searching to do, hopefully before his actions cause major consequences.

“This story is to show people that behind every person, there is a story and everyone should be given a fair chance and also even the most awful people can change when shown how their actions impact on others. This book was written mainly when my kids wouldn’t sleep or I was up late doing the washing.

“The reason for this story is that we all come across people who are negative or a little difficult to understand. I often think what has caused a person to be a certain way. What have they been through? Why are they angry, sad, stern, dominant, shy? What has made that person how they are?

“I think that if we tried to understand each other a little better and took the time to consider what another person has been through to get to where they are, it would help everyone to be a little bit more patient and caring. This is my first novel. Previously I have written a children’s activity book Dekkers Day at the Zoo (ISBN-13 : 978-1087173894).

“I started writing a few years ago but never had the time to complete anything, so I have a few projects which I need to look at. This book I started in the summer last year and did it a little at a time around work and family obligations.”

Susan worked in Littlehampton up until she was about 26 at COSI (The Body Shop Company) and studied and obtained a BSc in chemistry while she worked there as she was predominately based in the laboratory.

“I was part of the Zheng Dao Lo Martial Arts School in Bognor, Felpham and Littlehampton.”

She now lives in Spain.