Crawley girls' night out was '˜truly special' thanks to stranger's kindness

Three Crawley women had a special evening thanks to an unexpected act of kindness.

Jean and her husband, from Toronto,  were staying at The George Hotel, Crawley
Jean and her husband, from Toronto, were staying at The George Hotel, Crawley

Emma Wallace, Jen Tandy and Elize Maciel were at the Wildwood, Crawley, on Friday (November 9).

Emma said: “We experienced something truly special, something that we will never forget.

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“We try and meet up every so often and decided to go for a girlie meal.

“A lady on the table next to us was enjoying a meal out with her husband. We were eating, drinking and chatting away and she approached our table and handed us a contribution towards our meal.

“She could see we were having a nice time together and said that she and her husband were on holiday, visiting family.”

The woman, called Jean, revealed she grew up in Crawley but had moved to Toronto in Canada.

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“Her husband asked her what she used to talk about with her friends when she would go out when she was our age.

“She replied, ‘I didn’t, I couldn’t afford it back then!’”

The trio were overwhelmed by the couple’s generosity to complete strangers.

Emma said: “She felt she wanted to contribute to our evening out. It’s just so lovely. We were all lost for words.

“It was such a lovely emotional connection we shared with an amazing woman that we had never met before.”

While chatting they found out, coincidentally, that Jen and Elize worked with Jean’s niece at Kuoni Travel.

Emma said: “You never hear of stories like this happening. There are so many unpleasant things happening in the world in this day and age and this just goes to show that there are still good people out there who have hearts, feelings and good morals.

“My friends and I will never forget this special couple.”