'Crawley will always be my base' says Romesh Ranganathan at book signing

Internationally acclaimed Crawley comedian Romesh Ranganathan met with crowds of fans at his home town book signing today.

Part of the queue at Romesh Rangathan's book signing
Part of the queue at Romesh Rangathan's book signing

Following international success including hits such as Asian Provocateur and the Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan, the former teacher at Hazelwick school marked the release of his memoirs, Straight Outta Crawley, with a book signing in Crawley Waterstones.

Romesh said: "I didn't want it to be a chronological thing.

"I tried to just include as many bits and pieces that I thought were interesting as possible."

Romesh originally planned to write a funny book but decided to include more autobiographical stories.

He added: "I'd include what I thought was worthy of inclusion then hope for the best."

The book's name draws parallels with the NWA album Straight Outta Compton, a nod to the hip hop influences on Romesh's life.

He said: "I love that album and I'm really into hip hop.

"All the chapter headings are like hip hop tracks.

"NWA are really proud of coming from Compton despite the fact that Compton was really rough.

"Crawley isn't rough.

"People take the mick out of me for still living here but I love it.

"If I had a choice between LA and Crawley it's always going to be Crawley."

He said of similarities between Compton and Crawley: "I think maybe, but then Crawley got a Pret [A Manger]."

Having conquered the UK comedy scene Romesh is now looking abroad. Having already filmed in America he would like to do more across the pond but stressed 'Crawley will always be my base.'

He added: "I want Crawley to know, I love 'em."

Nichola Hardy, from Crawley Down, was queuing for the book signing. She said: "I'm a teacher in Crawley and I'm so excited to meet a former teacher from Crawley."

Christina Carbone added: "I'm really excited to meet Romesh today."

It wasn't just Romesh shoppers were excited to meet, some were more interested in his Asian Provocateur co-star.

Matt Nichols, from Crawley Down, said: "We have come to meet his mum - she's much funnier!"