DVD review: Asmodexia (3 out of 5)

From the opening scene of this horror movie we are in no doubt that this is going to be a full-on tale with a lot of growling and blood.


Spain is becoming well known for this type of film, especially with the excellent REC: series.

Across 81 minutes there are various strands to the plot that tie together in the final scenes.

However, the main storyline is about an ageing priest and his granddaughter Alba roaming the darkest corners of Spain as travelling exorcists, violently exorcising children, mental patients and drug addicts of a malevolent infestation.

They pass through some pretty bleak parts of the country ridding the afflicted of this unholy epidemic while counting down the days to a mysterious resurrection.

However, they are pursued by a cult with a shadowy agenda.

But a mystery from Alba’s past may hold the key to salvation, or open the door to an unspeakable evil.

It’s good a lot of atmosphere and you never really know what will happen next.

On the down side, though, it’s a bit hard to follow what is exactly going on and I wasn’t really sure what the ending meant.

However, there’s plenty to admire.