DVD review: Catfight (4 out of 5)

Perhaps one of the best aspects of this very dark comedy is that women are central to the movie.

Anne Heche and Sandra Oh on Catfight
Anne Heche and Sandra Oh on Catfight

Let’s be honest here, women haven’t really had an equal share of good meaty roles down the years.

And in an industry where there are some superb actresses, that’s a massive disappointment.

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But here we have a film that gives free rein to the stars.

Sandra Oh (Veronica) and Anne Heche (Ashley) play former college friends who meet at a party after no contact for several years.

Both are in a bad place; Veronica drinks too much and gets a bit wild, much to her husband’s dislike, while Ashley is a struggling artist and is forced to earn some much needed money serving drinks at the party.

When they meet all this anger and frustration boils over in a massive punch-up between the two.

Without giving too much away, the results of this fight have a long-lasting effect on the both of them.

And their own battle plays out while, in the background, America gets involved in another Middle East war.

The women’s own dispute is rather neatly matched against their country’s arguably pointless conflict.

Oh and Heche are great in their roles and get superb support from Alicia Silverstone as Ashley’s gay partner, Arial Kavoussi as Ashley’s bullied helper and Amy Hill as Veronica’s very strange aunt.

The graphic violence between the two main protagonists is almost comic book or cartoon like but adds to the black humour that runs through this excellent movie.

Available now on EST and DVD and Digital Download on April 24.