DVD review: Danny Collins (8 out of 10)

What’s the connection between Hollywood mega-star Al Pacino and UK veteran guitarist/songwriter Steve Tilston?
Al Pacino plays Danny CollinsAl Pacino plays Danny Collins
Al Pacino plays Danny Collins

Surprisingly, they are effectively one and same peron in this fascinating film.

Back in 1970 Tilston was interviewed for a magazine and said he was worried fame might change him.

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Unbeknown to him, John Lennon read the interview and sent him a letter giving him support in his endeavours.

The letter never reached Tilston - that is until 2005 when it resurfaced and the musician was finally able to read the former Beatle’s words.

Danny Collins takes that story and gives it a Hollywood makeover with Pacino playing an ageing singer who has an enormous following among the middle-aged, all keen for him to sing his famous songs.

But, on his birthday, Collins is given the letter from Lennon and decides to dump his cheating, very young wife, leave his mansion of a house, go to a hotel and try to write some new material.

He also attempts to make amends with his estranged son.

Pacino is in great form and seems to love the role.

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He is given great support from Annette Bening as the hotel manager, Bobby Cannavale as his son and Jennifer Garner as his daughter-in-law.

There are some charming moments and it’s good the writer Dan Fogelman doesn’t go down the obvious route.

Overall, Danny Collins ticks plenty of boxes and is a chance for viewers to see Pacino shine.

Film details: Danny Collins (15) 106mins

Director: Dan Fogelman

Starring: Al Pacino, Annette Bening, Jennifer Garner

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