DVD review: V/H/S: Viral (7 out of 10)

The latest in the V/H/S franchise has arrived on DVD with the usual mix of short horror stories aimed at giving you as big a fright as[ossible.

A scene from Dante the Great in V/H/S: Viral
A scene from Dante the Great in V/H/S: Viral

This final piece in the trilogy has one story running throughout with three other shorts along the way.

Vicious Circles is the main part of the movie and concerns teenagers obsessed with filming high-speed car chases. However, they don’t realise that they are set to be the stars of a viral video.

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Dante the Great is the first and strongest short and features a low-key magician who discovers a magical cloak that makes him into a world renowned illusionist. Unfortunately the cloak needs the be ‘fed’ to work.

Parallel Monsters sees a scientist create a link to a parallel world where everything seems very similar. However, there are some big differences that make this other world somewhere you definitely don’t want to stay.

Finally, Bonestorm involves a group of skateboarders who are filming themselves doing various stunts. But when one of them accidentally bleeds on a magical symbol, unleashing all manner of unpleasant creatures.

The various directors bring their skills to the project for a snappy and slick movie.

The hand-held footage does work with these kind of movies and helps create tension as often you’re aware of action happening just off-screen.

So, if you fancy giving yourself a sleepless night this Hallowe’en then this film is just the ticket.

Koch Media Presents V/H/S VIRAL on VOD 12th October & DVD 19th October.