DVD review: Visions (3 out of 5)

Director Kevin Greutert is chalking up a healthy list of horror/thriller credits, with a couple of Saw movies and 2014's Jessabelle.

Visions is out on DVD
Visions is out on DVD

Rather than try the same old ground, though, Visions has enough twists and turns to keep the feeling of deja vu away.

At the start of the film we see Eveleigh Maddox, played by Isla Fisher, after what looks like a very severe traffic crash.

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A year later, she and husband David (Anson Mount) have bought a vineyard as she tries to put her life together again after that shocking accident, while hoping to settle down and enjoy the fact that she is pregnant.

But she starts seeing very weird things and hearing strange noises.

Everyone thinks she is losing the plot and it’s all down to her condition and continuing trauma of the crash.

There are various jump shocks to keep you on your toes and the excellent Joanna Cassidy has a good role to ramp up the tension.

It all seems to be heading in one direction... but I certainly didn’t expect what follows.

The acting is solid enough and Greutart keeps the plot ticking over at a decent pace.

There’s a strong supporting cast, but Jim Parsons, who plays a doctor, is always Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory to me!

Lionsgate Home Entertainment Releases Visions on DVD and Digital HD June 20.

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