DVD review: Warrior's Gate (3 out of 5)

Any movie with the name Luc Besson attached needs more than a casual glance.

Warrior's Gate
Warrior's Gate

And Warriors’ Gate has certainly plenty going for it.

For a start it has Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy) as the main protagonist; bringing plenty of menace but with a welcome touch of humour.

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In fact, this martial arts fantasy, co-written by Besson, never really takes itself seriously.

Uriah Shelton plays Jack, a young college lad who is bullied at school and whose mother is struggling to keep up the payments on the house.

So not a lot is going for him apart from his ability to play computer games.

However, when he takes possession of an ancient Chinese casket his life is changed.

He comes into contact with a beautiful princess and her bodyguard.

And next thing you know he’s transported back to ancient China.

There, barbarian king Arun (Bautista) is looking to marry the princess and expand his empire.

There are elements of The Karate Kid and even Back to the Future as Jack discovers his true self and his inner strengths.

The battle scenes in China are spectacular and the opening bicycle chase in Jack’s home town is really impressive.

OK, some of the scenes towards the end are a bit cheesey but overall this is a fun movie.

Warriors’ Gate is out on DVD and DHD on October 2.