East Sussex Bridge Club

RESULTS for East Sussex Bridge Club week ending December 18:

Monday, December 8: N/S 1 Ted Weare and Patricia Bacchus; 2 Barbara Jack and Molly Bryant; E/W 1 John Clark and Inez Richards; 2 Pauline Kazi and Phyllis Davis.

Wednesday, December 10: 1 Brian Gould and Barbara Herold; 2 Kay Peeke and David Hughes; 3 Andy Eames and Sue Russell.

Thursday, December 11: N/S 1 Karen Berger and Angela Viola; 2 Ted Weare and Eddie Hall; E/W 1 John Parkman and Lee Knox-Crawford; 2 Brian Bradley and Felix Franks.

Monday, December 15: N/S 1 Karen Berger and Marilyn Rutherford; 2 Richard Slatter and Barbara Jack. E/W 1 Vi Boniface and Joy Fieldman; 2 John Clark and Inez Richards.

Wednesday, December 17: N/S 1 Barbara Draper and Joanna Newcomb; 2 Garrick Oliver and Marion Boswell. E/W 1 John Clark & Vi Boniface; 2 John Polush and Kay Peeke.

Thursday, December 18: N/S 1 Eileen Pavey and Joan Soan; 2 Garrick Oliver and Marion Boswell. E/W 1 Paula Abbey and Pam Cooper; 2 Molly Bryant and Richard Slatter.