Rustington singer/songwriter goes viral after Tom Hiddleston photo op

A Rustington singer/songwriter has gone viral after “outshining” Hollywood actor Tom Hiddleston at his own photo op.

When Frankie met Tom
When Frankie met Tom

Frankie Day is a platinum-selling K-Pop singer/songwriter, who recently attended a fan meet and greet photo op with Tom Hiddleston at London Comic Con.

A photo of the pair was posted to Twitter, and shortly after went viral with thousands of people commenting things such as “No one is looking at Tom!”; “It looks like HE paid to meet HER”; and “looks like Tom is the fan meeting his idol.”

Frankie Day is responsible for writing and singing for many of the biggest groups and artists in South Korea and Japan, such as Niziu, Weeekly, Astro, EXO Kai, Verivery and many more.