FILM: Bait 3D (15)

A year after he witnessed his best friend being savaged by a shark, Josh (Xavier Samuel) is working in a supermarket, where he stacks shelves with colleague Naomi (Alice Parkinson) under the watchful eye of their boss, Jessup (Adrian Pang).

A tsunami sweeps into the supermarket, flooding the building, and trapping Josh and Naomi in the store with a pair of would-be thieves - Doyle (Julian McMahon) and Kirby (Dan Wyllie) - a few customers, a shoplifter called Jaime (Phoebe Tonkin) and Josh’s old flame Tina (Sharni Vinson).

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As they search for an escape route from the flooded building, the survivors come under attack from a pair of voracious great white sharks, which have been washed inland by the giant wave.

Kimble Rendall’s film is released simultaneously on DVD.

Released: April 19 (UK, selected cinemas), 91 mins