FILM: Ballroom Dancer (TBC)

As Strictly Come Dancing’s crushing victory over The X Factor in the Saturday night television ratings attests, our national love affair with ballroom dancing is still in full bloom.

Documentary film-makers Christian Bonke and Andreas Koefoed cha cha into this competitive world of sequins and fancy footwork to follow Slavik Kryklyvyy, who became the 2000 World Latin Dance Champion with his partner and lover Joanna Leunis.

She rose to greater glory with a rival partner while temperamental perfectionist Slavik fell from grace.

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In Bonke and Koefoed’s film, it is now 10 years after Slavik’s greatest triumph and he is poised for a dramatic comeback with a new partner: amateur dance champion Anna Melnikova, who is also his girlfriend.

Cameras follow the couple on and off the dancefloor as they attempt to shore up their fractured personal relationship while chasing Slavik’s dreams.

Released: January 18 (UK, selected cinemas), 84 mins